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Reusable bags

Let us take care of the environment with Bravo durable, reusable bags that are convenient for everyday use!
Let us fulfil our social responsibility towards nature by giving up plastic bags as a contribution to the protection of the environment. You can get shopping bags suitable for every taste on sale at BRAVO!

Other activities

Take advantage of all the benefits!

Bravo 8 years – Endless love and satisfaction!

The Bravo market chain, operating since 2016, is celebrating its 8th anniversary this year. On this occasion, the supermarket chain...

"Azerbaijani Children" at Bravo head office with PU!

Employees of the head office of the Bravo market chain held a meeting with the young and talented ladies of...

Different and one of us!

We also turned on the blue light for World Autism Awareness Day on April 2!

In conjunction with World Autism Awareness...