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Joy gifts

One of the CSR projects carried out by Bravo is "Sevinc payı" boxes sold under the slogan #PaylaşaraqSevindirək! The boxes contain sweets, as well as gift coupons and go for 4.99 AZN only. The main goal of the project is to contribute 1 AZN from the sale of each box to charity.

Bravo has implemented this project on three occasions:

- During the International Children's Day, on June 1 for the period of May-June, 2019;
- On New Year for the period of November-December, 2019;
- During the Novruz holiday for the period of February-April, 2020;
- On June, 2021;
- On the period of March-April, 2022.

14,500 AZN has so far been generated through this project and used for charity.

Project partners include OYNA playground, McDonald's Azerbaijan, CinemaPlus cinema, Bumblebee, Amburan Kids, Megafun Entertainment Center. Partners have supported these CSR projects by offering discounts or gift coupons to their establishments for this project.
These gifts will make you twice as happy both for your child and for corporate events! Let us give each child a "Sevinc payı"!

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